Non-Attachment and Finding the Flow

The moment we try to cling to anything in our lives the quicker we will lose it. Whether it's a person, a thing or a state of being, the tighter we hold on, the less likely it is to remain with us.

Lately I've been playing with what happens when I relax my tendency to grasp and hold on to certain experiences or ways of being.

I am finding that the more I stop trying to control and instead trust the natural unfolding, the more energy and life force there is to infuse everything that is happening. It seems there is an opening, a greater freedom when we let things happen as they are meant to.

In the Yoga Sutras, the fifth yama (or ethical guideline) is Aparigraha. This translates as non-greed or non-grasping. It reminds us not to get attached to anything. It can be a powerful practice to notice the places where we get stuck and the things we want to hold on to and then work on unhooking our attachment to them. 

When we stop grasping and clinging to experiences and things, it's like being n a river and letting go of the sides to allow ourselves to be carried gracefully downstream. Surrendering to the flow, we create space in our lives for fresh energy and new possibilities to come in. Then, the richness of each moment is revealed to us. 

So, the next time you notice yourself trying to hold onto any thing, anyone or any particular way of feeling or being in the world, try staying as consciously aware as you can. Observe the situation as a witness. Unravel your attachments and just watch what happens. 


Kirsten Warner