Savor the Moment

Halfway home and settling in for a six hour layover at Heathrow. Grateful that my usual sadness at leaving India is radically lessened by the fact that I know I will be coming back in November.

In my travel weary haze I have somehow managed to drink an entire pot of English tea without once wishing it was masala chai.  
Anyway, I was just sitting there, smiling and content and grateful to my bones, when I saw the phrase, "Savor the moment" printed on the sticky top of the miniature bottle of jam I had with breakfast. I love this! 
Now I am wondering if one of the reasons why I can't get enough of the messy sweetness of India is that it too, seems to have this message written all over it.

Being in a place where every sense is constantly bombarded by so many incredible and awful and beautiful and wretched and breathtaking and confusing things totally wakes me up and shifts my perception and opens me. Habits of control and worry soften and I feel more sensitized to life and the pulsing energy that lies just beneath the surface.

I guess it was no accident that I finally watched the new Star Wars movie on my last flight and totally fell in love with the line, "I am no Jedi, but I know the Force. It moves through and surrounds every living thing. Close your eyes... feel it... the light... its always been there... it will guide you."

Admittedly, there is a slight possibility that I may simply be in some kind of a mehendi fading, post yogini retreat, lack of sleep, culture shock, too much English tea stupor, but this totally sums up how I feel and I plan to do my best to savor every moment.

Kirsten Warner