Saraswati Talks Back

This morning as I was finishing my practice I went to bow at the beautiful image of Saraswati before me. Hands at my heart I dropped my head but for some reason was compelled to lift my gaze. As I looked up into her eyes I was so taken with her beauty and grace that my heart swelled with teary gratitude. In that instant I saw the dozens (if not hundreds) of times I have reached out to her for support. I remembered all of the nervous moments before teaching when I prayed to her, asking for even an ounce her wisdom, grace and fluidity of speech. This moment was different. I felt so clearly that I wanted to ask for nothing more from her. Instead, my heart wrapped her in the questions, “ You have done so much for me, what can I do for you? How can I serve you?”

Her answer, "Be my instrument. Let nothing of your ego and fears of how it will be received hold you back. When you surrender to me… when you open... I will flow through you. Like a river. Like a song that never ends.”

Once again I am brought to my knees. Om Aim Saraswati Namaha


Kirsten Warner