India Love

Holy cow do I love India! 

Of course I realize this is not really new information, I mean it's why I keep coming back, but still, EVERY time I get here, I find myself thinking over and over... Oh my God...I LOVE India! From the moment I arrive, I can't stop smiling. 

The colors, the music, the spices, the smells... yes!  Indulging in my addiction to masala dosas and steaming hot chai. In love with the baby monkeys that cling to their mamas, and make me miss my kids. Thankful for the little (and not so little) reminders of the sacred, squished in right beside the heartbreaking realities of life in this part of the world. So much chaos and so much grace. 

Oddly, I have never felt more at home anywhere. Somehow, my breath comes more easily. My body is more relaxed, my heart... wide open.

At night, along the Ganga river, just as the sun sets and evening Aarti begins, the air grows thick and holy. Ancient chants, burning camphor, marigolds and magic carry tender prayers out over the water. I feel immense waves of gratitude. For the undeniable potency of this place, for the little reminders that there is still a lot of goodness left in this crazy world and for the staggering beauty of the divine that will never not help us remember.

Kirsten Warner