Womens Sacred India Journey

Transitioned from our intense Varanasi experience into the sweet, playful and potent adventure of leading a group of yoginis through the beautiful madness of Northern India. From the exotic turbans, tassel covered camels and painted elephants in Rajasthan, to the jumping monkeys, fearless cows and happily dancing devotees near the Krishna temples of Vrindavan we have already had quite a journey.

One day we marveled at the crazy beauty of the Taj Mahal at sunrise and the next stood barefoot and glowing on the Har Ki Pouri Ghat in Haridwar at sunset. As the vibrant magic of the Ganga Aarti came to life around us we did our best to take it all in. The masses of people, carefully strung garlands of marigolds, dripping ghi lamps and floating diyas. The goofy young men trying to sneakily take selfies with our pale faced and happy group. The soul stirring smells of camphor and incense and heartfelt prayers.

Yesterday morning we practiced yoga on a rooftop alongside the rushing river, just below the Mansa Devi Temple. Then made a little pilgrimage through the chaotic marketplace and up the mountainside to offer coconuts, roses and rupees and receive blessings from the priests inside the temple. Tonight, we find ourselves tired but grateful in the relative serenity of Rishikesh. Here in the foothills of the Himalayas... we are relaxing even more into the truth... that indeed... anything IS possible.

Kirsten Warner