Lessons from our California Road Trip

After 3 days and 1280 miles of driving, the kids and I finally made it to California. Just when I was starting to feel like the pain of watching my sweet little babies turn into prickly teens might be more than my heart could bear, this little adventure is giving me a taste of the new depth and fun and friendship that also comes with them growing up. 

The three of us have already shared more moments of great conversation, side splitting laughter, windows rolled down singing euphoria and quiet awe then we have in a long time. Happy to know that it IS possible to stick two kids who can barely stand to be in the same room with one another, in a car for 19 and a half hours and aside from a few dramatic meltdowns and a broken windshield (I just didn't think to ask them not to practice ninjitsu in the car) we can actually have a pretty amazing time.

Kirsten Warner