Getting Ready for India 2017!

I always know I am on the right track in my life when every aspect of what I am doing has me bursting with delight! This is how I am feeling now as I work out more of the details for our Fall India trip! From the Hare Krishna greetings on the email exchanges with the hotels, to my laughable attempts at learning Hindi, I can't stop smiling! 

Even all of the wasted hours trying to complete wire transfers and the futile efforts to solidify concrete plans that are only met with the well meaning but frustrating reply... β€œYes yes anything is possible...” have me giggling. I think in the past this all would have me a little more worried but I have learned to trust that everything will work out exactly as it should. Besides, something about the fact that nothing about India is easy, just makes me love it more!  Jeanie Manchester and I have such an incredible journey planned AND it will fun to see what unexpected surprises arise! If you are feeling called to share this amazing adventure with us, we have room for just a few more...

Kirsten Warner