To Be Like the Moon

Just wrapped up another amazing Prenatal Training in Florida. As I reflect back on our final closing circle, I feel a bittersweet residue in my heart. I just love being around the raw and incomparable beauty of women, unmasked and unapologetically themselves. The tender tears and ridiculous laughter as we said goodbye and laughed at jokes that wouldn’t make sense to anyone else. The jittery excitement at the thought of each of us stepping out into the world in a more powerful way and the appreciation and awe of knowing that each of them were headed home to support and empower the mamas in their communities. Everyone was so lit up. Connected. Glowing. At one point, out of nowhere, one of the women suddenly turned to me with shining eyes and a wide smile and exclaimed, “You are like the moon... You reflect our light back to us!” And for some reason, right as she said this, I burst into blubbering tears.

I am still not really sure why her words touched me so deeply. I only know that over the last several years I have waffled back and forth between the part of me that wants to serve as many women as possible and the part of me that would really prefer to hide. It has never felt right to me to try to be huge and loud and bright like the sun. But... to be like the moon… THIS I can do. Impossibly grateful for the phenomenal women who continue to show up in my life and allow me the honor of reminding them of their greatness and grace so they can get out there and shine!

Kirsten Warner