When Winter comes to a Woman's Soul

Nestled in the corner of a cozy coffee shop on the Oregon Coast, silently watching the drizzling rain through the art deco stained glass window. Guarding against the creeping chill, I wrap my favorite grey scarf snugly around my neck and curl my fingers even tighter over the steaming mug of chai in my hands.

Just outside, the branches on the evergreen trees sag under the weight of last night’s downpour and I can’t help but notice that they somehow perfectly mirror the heaviness I feel in my own heart.

I am pretty sure that I came to this misty little town, in the moody wetness of winter, seeking this exact reflection.

It reminds me of this quote by Patricia Monaghan, “When winter comes to a woman's soul, she withdraws into her inner self, her deepest spaces.”

The truth is that ever since I returned from my last trip to India a few months ago, I have wanted to do little except pull inward. Much like the soggy landscape before me, I have felt saturated. Drenched in the confusion and pain and uncertainty of the world and desperate for a break from the relentless noise of social media and world news.

Sometimes, no matter how hard it is, I think we all need to retreat from the madness of life. To be okay with non action, honor the wisdom that arises out of the stillness, and to take refuge in the quiet truth that lies beneath it all.

Kirsten Warner