Leaving India

Leaving India has never been easy for me. I always feel like each leg of the journey home is taking me further and further from some of the happiest and best parts of myself.

Even now as I sit here in the Frankfurt airport, I feel caught in sad swirls of jet lag, confusion and a longing that I can’t quite put my finger on. Already missing the clarity of purpose, deep surrender and tangible press of grace that arises so effortlessly over there.

Of course I know that whenever we anchor our happiness to any external circumstances we are setting ourselves up for an inevitable let down, so I am doing my best to not put any more energy in that direction.

Giving the sadness just enough space to move through and recommitting to unlocking the secret of how to live even the most mundane and ordinary days with adventure, openness and love.

And also, I am pretty sure it would help to spend more time around cows.

Kirsten Warner