Growing Out of Sugar & Spice

As she says goodbye to piles of fairy wings, stuffed animals, flower crowns and American girl dolls, my newly clutter free thirteen year old couldn’t be happier. While she is absolutely elated to have cleared from her life every little pink and sparkly hint of childhood, I am feeling all weepy and nostalgic.

Almost every suggestion that I made to consider holding on to some little trinket or a once cherished doll, was met with a dramatic eye roll and the statement, “If it’s that important to you, YOU keep it!”

I know that I should be celebrating her growing up but today I could really feel the part of me that wants to keep her a little girl, just a little longer. Anyway, I did end up tucking a few things into the box with her baby clothes and I also gave myself permission to feel sad for awhile.

When she eventually called me back to show off her new “teenager” room, I had to admit it felt really good. A cleaner, clearer, more accurate expression of who she is now. Still, it made me smile when I saw the tattered grey koala bear peeking out from the corner of her closet.

Happy to realize that teenager or not, I will probably still get to see my little girl peek out now and then as well.

Kirsten Warner