Riding the Waves

Far from perfect, our spring break in Mexico was as beautifully wild and uncomfortably rough as the crazy waves that tumbled steadily on the shore. We were warned about the strong undertow but it didn’t take me long to discover that for us, the real danger lay not in the unpredictable dance of the ocean, but in the complexities of our family dynamics, erratic hormones and all of the drama that comes along with giving into bad habits and negativity. 

I sometimes find myself thinking that parenting teens shouldn’t be this hard. That I must be doing something wrong and I am a terrible mother, not to mention yogi. I get all worked up trying to control and fix and manage it all. 

Then I remember that when you get caught and tossed and flipped around in a big wave it’s best not to fight it. You have to relax and surrender and let go of the struggle. You need to have faith that eventually you will be lifted, back to the sunlight and back to the fresh air. So now I am working on cultivating more acceptance. Of them and me and all our messy humanity. Trusting that in time, we will find our way. Back to the surface and back to love. 


Kirsten Warner