The Yoga of Being in a Bad Mood

Woke up this morning in the worst mood ever. Everything felt backwards and upside down and awful and just plain wrong. I did everything I could think of to make the bad feelings go away. I meditated and walked outside. I ate nourishing food and focused on work. I reached out to friends and played with the dog. I listened to inspiring talks and drank an almond milk latte, but no matter what I did, nothing seemed to help. (Okay to be fair... the meditation and latte helped a little) But my point is that, for the most part, trying to escape from the contractive energy was only making things worse. 

Then I remembered something that I heard my teacher say a long time ago. “There are no bad feelings, only our resistance to them.” Right. Give them space. The moment I stopped fighting the funky feelings, everything started to lighten up. 

Even though our culture doesn’t really celebrate (or even allow for) the bad days and the messiness and all of life’s perfect imperfections, that doesn’t mean we can’t make room for them inside ourselves. In fact, the more we open to the fullness of our humanity, the more grace floods in. This is easier said than done, but I will say from experience, definitely more effective than anything else. Even coffee.

Kirsten Warner