From Kerala, South India

In love with the backwaters of Kerala! Holy cow! There is something about this wild gift from the Arabian Sea that is literally intoxicating... 900 km of exotic canals and lakes and rivers... intricate and tranquil and ridiculously beautiful. 

It took us all of two seconds to become completely enchanted by the tropical serenity of this place. Thatched roofed houseboats, women in colorful saris hanging laundry while their husbands mindfully tend to their boats, children laughing and skipping alongside the impossibly green rice paddies. Everyone smiling and waving genuinely as we floated by. 

The relaxation in the way they live their lives is literally palpable. The exact opposite of our busy and rushed culture. So incredible to be here and really feel a different way to be. I have much to learn. Forever humbled by this spectacular world.

Kirsten Warner