Post India Peacefulness

In the last few weeks since my return from India, I have felt unusually quiet. Inexplicably content. Somehow, this year’s return home was devoid of the usual jet lagged, foggy and unsettled stretch of time where I struggle to make sense of my life and question everything. Instead I have felt overwhelming thankful and oddly at peace. Enjoying simple everyday moments. Early morning meditation and steamy almond milk lattes. Surrendering into the arms of my man and smiling. Driving the kids around and dealing with the fantastic rollercoaster ride of life with teens. All the things. 

This sweet inward pulse also had me taking a little break from teaching public classes and social media and instead I’ve been relishing having the space to put towards the projects that have been patiently waiting for me to bring them to life. 

Last weekend I melted back into teaching as Jeanie and I completed the fourth module of our 300 Hour Teacher Training. What an amazing group!
Full of gratitude as I prepare to leave for Oregon tomorrow to teach another Prenatal Training with Katie Wise. 

It might sound funny but on some level I am still a little surprised that my slowing down and taking a break, didn’t stop the world from spinning and make my business and life completely fall apart. Quite the contrary, everything seems to be flowing more effortlessly and abundantly when I am not pushing so hard. Not sure why this one has always been so impossible for me to get, but I am happy that it’s finally starting to sink in.

Kirsten Warner