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Kirsten’s teaching and leadership are overflowing with love, wisdom and generosity. She is a rare gem in the world of yoga, weaving her physical and technical expertise with a profound devotion to the heart of the spiritual teachings. She lives and breathes personal transformation on a daily basis and shares the fruits of her practice with all those around her. If you ever have the chance to learn from Kirsten, I highly recommend you jump at the opportunity. Her dedication to women, yoga and awakening are a precious gift and I could not be more fortunate to have her in my community as an inspirational teacher and leader.
— Emma Teitel, Colorado
The moment I met Kirsten, there was an instant connection and warmth between us. I recognized her intuitive, natural abilities to connect and hold a class immediately. Kirsten's classes are filled with the embodiment of many years of study, inquiry and a strong presence in streaming the divine feminine into everything she does. She holds depth, love and creativity in her teaching. Kirsten is a friend, a mama, a devoted yogini, a woman on the path seeking depth and transformation in herself and this is what makes her offering to community so potent.
Jeanie Manchester, Founder, Shakti Rise immersion