85 Hour Prenatal


Yoga Teacher Training


with Kirsten Warner

Meets Yoga Alliance Requirements for RPYT 85 Hour Certification   

Join us for our next training in Bend, Oregon!

Jan 30 - Feb 6 , 2020


Drawing from close to 30 years of study and practice, 25 years of teaching and 16 years of specializing in Womens and Prenatal yoga, Kirsten has lead dozens of trainings and welcomed successful graduates from all over the globe.

This training is intended for yoga teachers, midwives, doulas and other health professionals who are interested in teaching yoga to Pregnant women. 

Throughout the course of the training you will dive deep into the world of mamas and babies and learn the skills to artfully teach yoga to pregnant women. Learn more about yourself as a woman and as a teacher. In addition to being extremely informative and practical, this training is a transformational journey. Not only will you emerge as a competent Prenatal teacher, but you will also become a stronger yoga teacher overall. 

Through daily practice teaching and constructive feedback, we will support you to find your authentic voice and teach from a place of embodied presence. We will help you empower women through their journey into motherhood and build communities that last a lifetime.

You will leave this training with:

  • A comprehensive exploration of the signs and stages of labor and childbirth

  • Learn more about the juicy practices you can offer your students- nutrition, natural remedies, herbal support, and more

  • Familiarity with care provider options and empowered birth choices- learn about the cultural shifts in birth, and the difference between risk-based care and evidence-based care

  • Understand postpartum recovery- the 'baby-moon' and diastasis recovery

  • A renewed connection with yourself and other women

  • Exposure to the transformational power of the sacred feminine

  • How to market and build your prenatal yoga business

  • The skills to sequence and create a great Prenatal Yoga class

  • Knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of pregnancy and birth

  • Familiarity with the pregnant year from a holistic perspective

  • An understanding of the asanas, contraindications, alignment and pranayamas that are appropriate during pregnancy

  • Therapeutic practices to support pregnancy discomforts

  • Tools to help your students develop strength and endurance as they prepare for giving birth

  • Insight about your personal teaching style, and the strengths and challenges you may face as a teacher

  • How to use hand on adjustments to nourish and support your students

  • Skills for weaving meaningful themes into your classes

  • An increased capacity to hold an emotional container for your class


There is a wonderful balance of fun along with lecture, experiential and spiritual training.

The design of the program helped me to tap into my inner strength.

I left the program feeling not only educated but also supported,

encouraged and empowered to follow my path.

Lani, Florida

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Jan 30- Feb 6, No class on Feb 3




Payment plans available upon request.  

*Deposit is nonrefundable. Please be certain that you will be able to attend before you make the commitment.

$1,495 for Full Training

$350 deposit holds your space*

Space is limited, reserve your spot today!

Attending the prenatal yoga teacher training had a huge impact on my life and my career path.
I had worked as a certified birth doula for years prior to the training, as well as religiously practiced yoga.
Attending this training is what married the various threads together. I was one of only two trainees in my group
who had not even taken a 200 hour teacher training yet. From my experience here, I not only gained the skills
and confidence to teach, I immediately opened my own yoga studio!

Caspian Ashby, Wyoming

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This training helped me clarify my own definitions of the feminine, community and vulnerability. Additionally,
it gave me concrete tools and practice in creating safe and trusted spaces for mamas preparing to birth. The women I met
were gentle, knowledgeable and ambitious. This was an essential step on my path as I opened my birth doula practice,
prenatal yoga teaching and therapeutic private practice working with women in their postpartum period. It has since led me
to working as a parent/child interaction psychotherapist for a community mental health center.

I am so grateful for the experience!

Jennifer Franz, Colorado

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I went in expecting to gain the necessary knowledge to teach prenatal yoga and left with so much more,
including 10 new best friends. This training was extremely empowering and informative. Kirsten is a wealthy fountain of knowledge and her openness and willingness
to share is undeniable and genuine. She truly cares about each student succeeding.
Thank you for this one of a kind experience. I will never forget it.

Erin, FLorida

The training was engaging from beginning to end
and I left feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and more confident in my ability to teach pregnant women. Prenatal training
with these two women is magical. They created a strong community feel at the beginning of the course,
and they held the space until the end. It was perfect learning environment.

Val Aerni, Montana

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