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Kirsten's teaching and leadership are overflowing with love, wisdom and generosity. She is a rare gem in the world of yoga, weaving her physical and technical expertise with a profound devotion to the heart of the spiritual teachings. She lives and breathes personal transformation on a daily basis and shares the fruits of her practice with all those around her. If you ever have the chance to learn from Kirsten, I highly recommend you jump at the opportunity. Her dedication to women, yoga and awakening are a precious gift and I could not be more fortunate to have her in my community as an inspirational teacher and leader.

Emma Teitel, Psychotherapist, Coach, Teacher

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The moment I met Kirsten, there was an instant connection and warmth between us. I recognized her intuitive, natural abilities to connect and hold a class immediately. Kirsten's classes are filled with the embodiment of many years of study, inquiry and a strong presence in streaming the divine feminine into everything she does. She holds depth, love and creativity in her teaching. Kirsten is a friend, a mama, a devoted yogini, a woman on the path seeking depth and transformation in herself and this is what makes her offering to community so potent.

Jeanie Manchester, Founder, Shakti Rise immersion



I chose Devi Yoga because of Kirsten's realness, vulnerability, and humility as a teacher and a leader. I trust her because she holds a safe and sacred space, while truly being "in it" with her students, treating each of us as equals who are whole and complete. As a result, I was able to open up and trust a circle of women in a much deeper way than ever before. It was so healing for me to be in a container that felt truly honoring of each woman on her unique path. My experience with Devi Yoga renewed my faith in the power of feminine spiritual practice, and our capacity as women to lift each other up!


Emily Levang, Cofounder, Invoke Magazine

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Kirsten's depth of knowledge and experience as a teacher is crystal clear--one look at her bio will tell you that! All you have to do is be in a room with Kirsten to experience her as a powerful and thoughtful space holder, nourishing and kind guide, and a hilarious, playful and wildly passionate woman.  The teachings and practices she transmits are truly transformational, and her fierce spirit as a pioneer and advocate for women's empowerment is palpable. She has a truly unique and authentic offering in Devi women's classes and teacher trainings, and having her as a teacher has transformed my own practice. I am consistently honored and humbled to be her student. 

Raquel Alexandra, Yoga Instructor & Wellness Coach

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I've been practicing with Kirsten for many years now, and I continue to be surprised by each new nugget of wisdom and unexpected truth she helps me to find. I was drawn to her classes because we seemed to be doing the same work of self-discovery and whole-woman focused, embodied movement. Devi Yoga was the next level of that work: deep, healing, and even more nourishing. I've participate in countless yoga classes and women's temples, as well as multiple yoga teacher trainings. When I first started working with Kirsten, I was in a very "broken" state, both physically and emotionally, after a very trying period in my life. Thanks to the space she holds and the work she facilitates, I now feel more whole, healed, strong, and confident than I ever have before. And she helped me find my way into a community of sisterhood that I didn't even realized I needed. My yoga practice, both as a student and a teacher, continues to grow thanks to my time spent with Kirsten and Devi Yoga. I've learned to recognize the places in my asana practice where I'm pushing my body too hard, as well as the places where I'm holding back and could safely move deeper into the pose. This awareness informs my teaching, and helps me to guide my students through their own maze of ability and limitation. Kirsten's extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of yoga asana instruction is a goldmine for any aspiring yoga teacher. The many seemingly small tweaks she's offered to my practice over the years have had a big impact! The actual shape and appearance of my body has changed significantly through this work - I'm taller, stronger, and I smile a lot more!
I think any woman who is interested in this work and has somehow found her way to Devi Yoga probably belongs here, and would benefit immensely from joining this circle of women!

Erin Spors, Childbirth Educator & Yoga Instructor

The supportive container that Kirsten creates offers innumerable gifts.  Her authentic presence and sense of humor allowed me to start peeling away the armoring of my heart, piece by piece, and get my first glimpse of the woman inside of me. I didn't have to hide anymore; the puddle, the anxiety, the wisdom, the power. All of me was welcome there. My relationship with my body and other women has completely transformed. I actually feel comfortable in my own skin. Some of my greatest friends and mentors have come to me through the Devi Yoga community. I continue to be blown away by the insights that surface from simply bearing witness and holding space for others, as well the profound honor of being wholly received in my own process by another woman. What first appeared as a place of refuge, ultimately revealed itself as a solid ground from which I could actually turn towards my suffering and shadows and find a way to lovingly embrace it all. While asana has it's benefits, I've come to learn that this is the real practice. Our lifelong practice.  Across the globe, women are starting to rewrite the story; one that does not cause, contribute to, or condone suffering of others. A story that is visionary, that saves lives, mends wounds, and changes the world. Everything we do in our personal practice contributes to the collective awakening. To any woman considering a class or training with Devi Yoga for Woman, I encourage you to heed that call and join us. Come, be supported in your practice, contribute your wisdom to the circle and get some footing on this wild ride of womanhood! 

Allie Van Buskirk, Yoga Instructor & Herbalist

I had the honor and privilege to take Yo Mama's 85 hour prenatal yoga teacher training with Kirsten and Katie. Both ladies not only brought their expertise and experiences to the training but a sense of warmth, love, and compassion for all of the women present. Through the heart centered exercises and deep connections with the other women , I felt a sense of renewal and rejuvenation from the week long experience, in addition to expanding my knowledge of prenatal yoga. Kirsten's deep knowledge of yoga and open, expansive heart allow for epic growth as a woman and as a teacher on many levels.


Sara Guenther, MS & Yoga Instructor

When I signed up for the prenatal training I was 6 months pregnant. I was already a yoga teacher and thought it would be a good thing to add to my skill set. I had NO IDEA that I was in for a life changing experience. This training will empower you to be a great prenatal teacher but for me it was so much more. I was introduced to a way of interacting and building community with other women that I had never experienced before. I felt seen and supported by our little community over the days of our training and realized it was something I was lacking in my own life. Since the training I have purposely sought out more ways to build community and connect with other women in a very deep way and my life has been enriched in ways I never imagined.   The training also gave me chance to really look inside and connect to my deepest truth, which in turn built my confidence as a woman, mother, teacher and friend. Kirsten and Katie are a wealth of knowledge and experience. They deliver and guide you through the curriculum with such skill and grace. I have utmost respect for both of them.

Aubry Hoffman, Teen Health Coach

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I attended the Prenatal Teacher Training in April 2013. I knew I felt called to help guide women through pregnancy, birth, and early motherhood but I needed a framework and loving coaching on where and how to begin. The Prenatal Teacher Training gave me what I was looking for and more. The training was fantastic for three central reasons: 1)It gently but firmly challenged me to dig deep and work through any insecurity issues around teaching and public speaking (and gave me lots of chances to practice); 2)It was incredibly thorough and I still use the resource manual to this day; and 3)It folded me into an awesome and supportive community of incredible women and colleagues.  After I graduated I jumped into subbing and teaching regular prenatal classes as well. The Prenatal Training prepared me to hit the ground running. I have absolutely fallen in love with my mamas and my opportunity to create space for their journeys. Teaching has been a perfect part-time job as a mother to three girls aged 5, 2, and 1, and since I'm also an attorney, I've recently been inspired to extend my offerings to assist young families in estate planning. I imagine I will work extensively with the mamas I teach, and so the pairing feels like a great use of all I can offer. I am so thankful to Katie and Kirsten and all the women in my training for helping me start off on the right foot, and for their continued support. 

Elizabeth Collard, Attorney & Yoga Instructor

Attending Kirsten and Katie's prenatal yoga training has been a gift from the Divine. I took the prenatal training when I was 9 months post partum. Kirsten and Katie helped open my eyes, my mind, and my heart to what an incredible journey I had been on. I was surrounded in a circle of women with the mission to hold space for other women on this journey of motherhood. I felt empowered and awakened to my purpose of bringing the healing practice of yoga to moms and new families. I was surrounded by feminine love and support just when I needed it. Through love and encouragement I found my voice in guiding pregnant moms through asana. But more than just a physical practice I learned and saw how prenatal yoga classes rekindle the village of support during this time for mothers. Katie and Kirsten create a safe and sacred space in our training and in the classes we observed for stillness, rest, and understanding in what can sometimes be an overwhelming time of change.  I now feel that I’m part of a shift in helping women regain their voice and strength and intuition in their birth stories. 

Lindsay Kerr, Owner, Seed to Sprout Yoga

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I learned so much more than I expected. I had taught prenatal yoga before and my technical yoga knowledge was solid. This training went well beyond that. I learned about building community and holding space and working from the heart. Katie and Kirsten created a community of yoga teachers that learned the value of being vulnerable and real.  There was a lot of laughter and a lot of tears.  I left the training with a renewed vision and confidence in my unique offerings!



Jessa Buchalter, Yoga Instructor

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The decision to take the Yo Mama Prenatal Training was such a wonderful one! It was a training unlike any other, and as a yoga teacher, childbirth educator, lactation counselor, and trained doula...I have taken many certifications and continuing education courses! The energy, knowledge, compassion, and wisdom that Katie and Kirsten bring is something that cannot be taught. The training was very deep, comprehensive, and pretty much left no stone left unturned. From pregnancy and childbirth education to breathing techniques, asana break down, sequencing, class planning, and so much more... I walked away VERY comfortable and confident in my ability to teach a beautiful prenatal class. Furthermore, I gained lifelong sisters and friends. This training went so far beyond prenatal yoga, and really required all of us to dig much deeper into ourselves. It was by far, the BEST training I have ever taken. PERIOD.  Take the training. You absolutely will not regret it. Even if you do not go on to teach prenatal yoga, you will discover things about yourself that will take to places you never knew you wanted to go.  

Saleemah Allen, Owner, Atlanta Prenatal Yoga

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Kirsten is extremely knowledgeable about yoga from a historical and spiritual perspective as well as asana alignment and teaching. She's incredibly heartfelt, bringing both the structure and vulnerability necessary to draw forth the inherent strengths in each of her students. She is also an excellent group facilitator and always seems to know what is needed and taught us how to do the same. The foundational skills I have moving forward to teach yoga are very solid, thanks to her ability to be both thorough and engaging. 
Devi Yoga for Women focuses on creating a safe container right from the beginning. The 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training was eye opening, self-examining and information rich. I am so incredibly grateful for this experience and would wholeheartedly recommend it to just about any woman I know.

Iris Rankin, Founder, Project Intention

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The Devi Yoga for Women Teacher Training is life changing. It takes you to a depth that no other training can provide. This training goes deep into the alignment of poses and teaching how-to's and it takes you deep within yourself through yoga philosophy. You come out of this training as an empowered woman, tapping into your source of confidence and grace prepared to take your gifts into the world and shine.

Meghan Letts, Yoga Instructor, Wilderness Guide

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I completely loved everything about the Devi Yoga training - the emphasis on the feminine and what it means to be in a woman's body, the weaving of connection with the other women and all of the knowledge and skill about teaching yoga to others. This training is not just an ordinary yoga teacher training - it's learning and enjoyment and heart opening and sensual connection to our bodies all in one. I would have taken this training just as a retreat experience, it was that nourishing and inspiring. At the same time I got to learn so much about yoga and alignment and the nitty gritty's about teaching as well, so there was a great balance. I wholeheartedly recommend this training to all women who want to deepen into themselves and share yoga with others! 

Ines Mantueffel, Founder, Renewal Healing Arts

My experience with the Devi Yoga for Women teacher training not only shifted my yoga practice but also changed my relationship with women. I began the training feeling unsure of my abilities as a women's yoga instructor, by the end my confidence blossomed from the overwhelming support of all the inspirational women in my group. I am so grateful I found Devi Yoga for Women and my instructor Kirsten Warner. I highly recommend if you are seeking an in depth and empowering yoga experience. 


Candice Billings, Co-founder, Radiant Life Project

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Devi Yoga completely changed my life. Kirsten's training is uniquely suited for women and because of this I stepped into not only being a yoga teacher but into my power. 





Rosemary Barria, Co-founder, Radiant Life Project

Words cannot begin to express the gratitude I have for this training and for Kirsten. Kirsten’s approach, dedication, and grace in delivering this gift were beyond anything I had imagined. The community, knowledge, and tools I have acquired are priceless gifts that I will carry eternally.

Brita Mines, Operations Supervisor

The Devi Yoga 200 hour teacher training is transformational. At the beginning of the course I walked into a room of strangers, and by the end I felt that I was surrounded by lifelong friends and sisters. This training effectively covered the essential fundamentals of asana alignment, yogic philosophy, and how to teach. However, the hidden gems of this course lay much deeper. In our circle of aspiring teachers, we learned how to amplify the authenticity of our communication with other women. Through supporting and being supported, the members of our group all emerged confident and ready to pursue our paths as yoga instructors. This course is also great for those who want versatility, as it offers the skills for teaching Women’s Yoga, as well as standard Vinyasa classes. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a YTT that has roots in a deeper sense of spirituality and community. 
In addition to this course, I have been sporadically studying yoga with Kirsten Warner for over a year now. Kirsten exemplifies how to lead other women with humility and strength. She expertly maneuvered our group dynamic to provide a beautiful container for each individual women’s experience. Kirsten has unique and priceless abilities as a facilitator and guide.

Andrea Clement, Photographer

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The 200 Hour yoga training balances the vigorous aspects of asana and the softness of growth through learning.  Kirsten creates an atmosphere of support and a culture of oneness.  Her authenticity shines through her teaching.  I feel confident in my ability as a new teacher and grateful for the community of fellow Devis!  I highly recommend this training to all aspiring yoginis!  


Haley McNabb, Staffing Manger, Avid for Adventure