Join Awakening Women’s, Chameli Ardagh

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for this 21 Day Maya Shakti Immersion


Chameli Ardagh, Dominique Youkhehpaz

& The Global Yogini Circle

Guest Teacher

Sukhvinder Sircar


May 1 - 21, 2019

In Maya Shakti Sadhana, you will enter into a living, breathing ritual, where mythology, prayer and spiritual practices are explored as embodied portals of awakening. Practicing from home, you will weave your insights and awakening into daily life, restoring a trust and confidence in the vast resources and support from this achingly beautiful universe, always available to you.

Through daily practice and short sutras of awakening, you will reconnect and recommit yourself to a truth sourced in the universal, yet vibrating uniquely through you.

She shows up as matter, 
as the world of form and differences,
yet underneath Her skin She is a shimmering
weaving of energy, 
conscious, unfathomably creative,
never not One.

She is a sovereign totality,
the splendorous power of Durga.
She is Kali Ma, the holy destruction.
She is Lakshmi, abundant wealth and beauty.
She is Bhuvaneswari, the cosmic womb
of space and stars.

She is the demon inside the world myth
as well as the triumph of love,
and She is the shimmering veil of perception
 that makes these powers
appear as two.

The magnificent MahaMaya arises out of ancient roots, appearing as perhaps the most paradoxical Goddess throughout the eastern tantric traditions. She is both the Great Liberator who awakens us from the illusion of separation, and the very veil of ignorance that makes us forget the union we are made of. Through this bewildering enigma, She challenges our deeply ingrained habit of fragmenting a reality that is ultimately undividable. She awakens in us authentic power and wisdom, not as a goal in the future but as the process of evolution itself, always happening right here and now.

Our collective fear of the rich wilderness of the feminine has led us to view Maya Shakti as a flaw we should dread and one day be free of. Her illusionary nature has even been used as a means to spiritually bypass our human reality, and the relational, environmental and social challenges we are facing on Earth. However, the Goddess path offers us maps of spirituality not as an escape route “out of here”, but as an awakening into the essential nature of this world as process, as the very body of the Goddess. When we recognize the mythical and universal patterns beneath the surface, we are initiated into a life of deeper contribution and meaning.

In embodied awakening, we are not accessing transcended freedom as an end goal or landing place, but as the very source of life lived as a Yogini. As modern day mystics, we walk with one foot in both worlds, awake to spiritual transcendence simultaneously as we learn to navigate creatively and gracefully in this cosmic dream of life.

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