Chaos & Grace

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A Women's Sacred Journey through North India!


with Kirsten Warner and Devi Yoga Teachers

FALL 2020, Dates TBA

India is rich in holy places, traditions and rituals

and offers so much for those longing to awaken their hearts and minds. 

Join us on this sacred journey to some of the holiest,

mystical & powerful places in India!


Say YES to India's transformational magic

and the experience of a lifetime!  

This Women's Journey will take us to some of the most sacred and beautiful places in North India.

We will experience the deep spiritual atmosphere of these holy places as well as the pulsing vibrancy of modern India.

The outer adventure of traveling into the great unknown of this mystical country,

will mimic the epic inner adventure. The magic you crave cannot be known, until you lean

into the adventure of discovering it. This is a journey for spiritual renewal, a chance to come home

to your highest self through stepping outside your comfort zone, meditation, travel, yoga and powerful women’s practices.

You will discover things about yourself and the world that you never knew existed,

free blocked energy in your body and allow

the layers to allow your bright inner light to shine.

$550 Deposit Holds your Space...

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Yoga, Meditation & Women's Practice

In addition to our time traveling, visiting temples and taking in the crowded streets, holy ceremonies, vibrant colors, flavorful food, and unique gifts of this magnificent country, we will also spend time each day in conscious practice.  Using meditation, chanting, yoga and powerful women’s practices, we will explore goddess myths, study the iconography and most importantly do the practices specifically designed to awaken and embody the Shakti within us.  

Conscious Travel & Sisterhood

Its easy to fall in love with the unabashed honesty of India. She is so much like a woman with all of her moods & flavors, sacredness & sorrow, chaos & grace.  It  is also a country that can be as heartbreaking as it is beautiful. One of our intentions is to support one another in keeping our eyes and hearts open to all of it. Every moment there is another opportunity to experience the wild and authentic mess of the conditional realm, and unquestioningly feel how perfectly it dances within the breath of the infinite.

Where will our Journey take us?

The journey to get to each place we will be going will be as rewarding as the destinations themselves.  On the way it will be part of our practice to stay flexible and open as India is always full of surprises. Along with the outer journey each of us will be invited to go on an inner pilgrimage. This is the process of connecting more and more with the essence of who we are and face any obstacles that might arise along the way.   

Jaipur, Rajasthan


 The gateway city to colorful Rajasthan, Jaipur "the pink city" gives you a real taste of exotic India.  Ancient palaces and havelis, wild bazaars, fine jewels, turban wearing snake charmers, painted elephants, wood block printing artisans, sacred temples, tassel covered camels and exquisite handicrafts are just some of the things you will find there.  We will take a guided tour of the the Amer Palace, Jawa Mahal (Water Palace), City Palace, Galtaji (Monkey) Temple, Hawa Mahal and the Lakshmi-Narayan Temple.  




Called "the Gateway to the Gods", Haridwar is one of the holiest cities of India. Here, the Ganga begins its descent into the plains of India.

We love it here because it is not a crazy as Delhi, but still bustling and beautiful and sacred. Very few western travellers go here but it is a popular pilgrimage site for Indians.

While we are there we will hike up to the Mansa Devi Temple, participate in the Ganga Aarti at the Har Ki Pauri ghat, practice yoga on a beautiful rooftop with a view of the Ganga below and wander through the endless marketplace as we continue the yoga of opening our hearts and minds to the crazy beauty of this magical place. We will enjoy the comfort of a luxery hotel right on the Ganga, near the markets and the main ghat.


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Since time immemorial this area has been the abode of saints and sages.  Rishikesh is known as the Yoga capital of the world. 

The magic in the air here is palpable. Surrounded by exquisite mountains and nestled right above the sacred Ganga river you will feel drawn towards deep practice and communion with the divine. Here, everything pulses with the energy of thousands of years of practice. The feel of the land, the hearts of the people, the smell in the air... it's truly indescribable.  We will stay in cozy cottages on a hillside above the Ganga, have lots of free time to wander through the town, visit the Kunjapuri Devi Temple and participate in the evening aarti. 


Anand Lok, Across the Ganga


Our retreat will take place in the beautiful Anand Lok Retreat Center, just outside of Rishikesh in Northern India. 

The magic in the air here is palpable.  Everything pulses with the energy of thousands of years of practice. The feel of the land, the hearts of the people, the smell in the air... it's truly indescribable.

Surrounded by exquisite mountains in the foothills of the Himalyas and nestled right above the sacred Ganga river you will feel drawn towards deep practice and communion with the divine.

Quiet, focused retreat time will be balanced with a few group excursions to nearby towns, temples and schools.  You will also have some free time for your own practice, adventures and explorations. 

This is not a "sit on the beach and relax" type of vacation. This is an adventure to the soul. If you are willing and go into it with an open mind and heart, there are gifts there to receive far beyond measure. You will laugh, you will cry and you will laugh again. It is a journey inside and out, that is not always easy but an incredible bonding experience with other women that you will forge new friendships to take with you. Kirsten is an absolutely amazing, beautiful and graceful being. She sees to it that you are as prepared as possible for what you are about to embark on and is there for you every step of the way. I am by no means a world traveler, much less doing it alone, and had a lot of fear and anxiety leading up to the trip but once I was there it all washed was an experience I will never forget and will forever be grateful for.

Cathie Olson, California

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Not included:

  • Airfare to and from Delhi

  • Domestic Flight (One-way) Delhi to Jaipur

  • Domestic Flight (One-way) Dehra Dun to Delhi

  • Indian Visa

  • Tips for Drivers and Guides  

  • Trip insurance

  We will send you more details, travel tips and packing list upon registration.

What's included:

  • 15 nights accommodations at high quality hotels & Retreat Center

  • 3 meals a day (Clean food and water)

  • All domestic transportation

  • Entrance fees to Temples, etc

  • Local guides

  • Morning meditation & chanting

  • Daily yoga and/or women's embodiment sessions

  • Women’s Community & Sisterhood

  • Practical & emotional support before, during and after the trip


Payment plans available upon request.  

*Deposit is nonrefundable. Please be certain that you will be able to attend before you make the commitment.

$4500 Early Bird (Based on double occupancy)


For Single Occupancy add an additional $600

$550 deposit holds your space*

Best trip ever! Wonderfully organized and beautifully executed. It was the perfect blend of sightseeing, sisterhood, and sacredness. I’d recommend this retreat for women with a sense of adventure and a desire to delve deeply inward spiritually.

Arian Englesson, Florida

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Let the adventure begin...

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If you are feeling called to join us, then say YES and we will be there to greet you with a garland of marigolds and a warm, loving embrace.   

Until then...  

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This retreat was a life-changing experience that wholeheartedly broke me open and made me come back to my true,
authentic self. India is the perfect place for a women's retreat because it provides enough discomfort
and challenge to spark emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual transformation; all while revealing remarkable beauty,
inviting deep connection with oneself and others, and finding joy in life’s simple pleasures.
I highly recommend this retreat for any woman ready to explore and drop into her
most authentic, creative, joyful, and loving self.

 Nicki Cupit, Colorado

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India broke me open and I was able to see the chaos and grace inside of me in real time.
I am overwhelmed with the experience of the retreat, of the gathering of conscious loving women
and the power we have together. I feel deeper into the flow and more of an observer. Thank you mama India!

Amber Deylon, California

This journey knocked my socks off! From the experience there, I am able to view things differently in a good way, with much more acceptance and contentment. I will forever be changed by the experience. I feel stronger, more complete and more whole.  This is the experience of a lifetime. India combines the most intense beauty with wild raw chaos in the most nourishing and spectacular ways. Going with Kirsten makes everything feel safe because of her many previous experiences there. We get taken care of in the best ways and stay in great places! Kirsten is not only sacred and an amazing and knowledgeable teacher, she is also super fun. I love her. I love India. I hope to go back again soon.

Katy Kolasa, Arizona

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This trip showed me that I have the courage to take risks and step more into my own heart path. It will open your heart. You will learn to experience unconditional love for self, others, and nature like you have never experienced in your life. You will come back a new person, able to stand tall in your Self, in trust, and in confidence. 

Meg Letts, Pennsylvania 

As a photographer and a yoga student visiting India had been a long time dream. However, I did not know where
to start planning a trip to India and I was nervous to travel there by myself. This trip was exactly what I had been searching for to experience India both culturally
from a yogi's perspective and a yoga retreat. 

Julia Vandenoever, Colorado