What we need to Bloom

For my birthday I was given an exquisite  bouquet of stargazer lilies. 

These are my absolute favorite flower. Whenever they open, an amazing scent always fills the house. The colors of the petals are utterly divine and everything about them feels like a celebration of beauty.

The only problem with this bunch was that none of these flowers were blooming.  Every day this week, I had been watching and waiting.  There they were, all ripe with potential and still unable to find their full expression.

I eventually realized that the little nutrient pack that is supposed to go in the water, never made it in. The flowers weren’t getting what they needed so they couldn’t open.

It occurred to me that women are the same way.  When we are not being deeply nourished, it makes it much more challenging for us to open up as well.

In our efforts to serve others, so many of us leave ourselves feeling exhausted and depleted without our needs being met.  We live our lives out of balance and then shut down when we feel there is nothing left.

As women, we need to constantly reevaluate what are the things that helped us to feel resourced. What do we need to drink in more of so that we feel nourished?  Whether it is yoga, walks in nature, good food, time with friends or music, it's absolutely essential that we find ways to take care of ourselves so that we can keep giving.

What is one thing you can do for yourself today that will help you to open fully and expand into your true generous brilliance?

Kirsten Warner