Last night I got a call from my partner who just took a flight to Atlanta.  He said it was more turbulent than he had ever experienced before. People were sick all around him. The plane trembled and shook and he felt as if the whole thing was about to be ripped apart.

Of course that would never happen because of the way that planes are designed.  They are made to bend and flex so they can withstand an incredible amount of pressure and turbulence. They are not stiff and rigid but actually quite flexible.  This is to insure that they will always bend under stress and never break.

This made me think about yoga.  Our practice helps us to develop flexibility that is not just physical, but mental and emotional as well.  When we practice on a regular basis, it helps us to be less rigid in our lives.  We find we can handle more pressure.  We can withstand the turbulence when it comes our way.

The next time life gets a little bumpy and you feel caught in a storm, lean back into your practice.  Remember that with every stretch you are becoming more resilient.  Every time you clear your mind of old habits and clutter, you are increasing your capacity to withstand more pressure.  Every time you open your heart you are lessening the likelihood that you will feel torn apart by the inevitable challenges of life.

Yoga helps us to become more flexible in every iota of our being. Though we may still tremble and shake, it is through that flexibility that we find our true strength.           

Kirsten Warner