This is it!

Years ago I worked as a counselor at a camp for high school kids. We spent our days supporting the kids to move past their comfort zones as they navigated challenging ropes courses, broke through boards with their bare hands and were introduced a lot of different transformational tools and life skills. 

One of the reoccurring themes of the camp was simply, "This is it." The idea being that this moment is all we really have. Never mind the past, and don't get lost in the future, this moment is it. This is our lives. 

At the time, I remembering sort of understanding this, but I still had the sense that my life hadn't really begun yet. There was a feeling that someday everything would all just click and that would be it, my life would start. I thought I needed to line up the external circumstances in such a way to make that happen and that when I did, I could then relax into feeling that my life it really begun. 

So, living the cliché, I went to college, got married, had two kids, built the beautiful life that I thought I was supposed to, only to wake up one day and realize that all of that, still wasn’t “it”.  

It wasn't until after my perfect world crumbled in divorce and I lost my home and financial stability that I really got it. In the midst of absolute chaos and uncertainty I finally got it. Oh! THIS is it! 

I was finally able to grok the idea that was introduced to me so long ago. It doesn't matter what it looks like on the outside, every moment of our life is IT! It's all we have. This moment, this heartache, this smile, this breath. Regardless of external circumstances, this is it. Since none of us really know how much longer we have here on this planet anyway, it's up to each of us to relish every moment of our precious lives. 

Kirsten Warner