Risking Truth

One of the reasons why I choose to teach women's yoga is because of the impact it has had on my own life.  It has drawn me out of hiding and helped me to engage fully.

Like so many women, I've spent much of my life feeling misunderstood and disempowered.  I was convinced that there was something fundamentally wrong with me.  It wasn’t until I discovered the power of women’s community that things began to change.

Women’s yoga helps us to transform all of our seeming imperfections into strengths.  It addresses the ways that a woman's body, mind and heart are different from a man's.

It is a safe sanctuary, where not only is it okay to be fluid in our emotions, but it’s actually encouraged.  A place where we can reflect for one another our true power and beauty.  We awaken our natural feminine radiance and let it shine.

Here we begin to feel we are intrinsically connected to a global community of women.  We are not alone.

For many, practicing in this way can feel a little scary at first. However, that fear can quickly transform into gratitude.  As we each show up authentically, bringing our full selves and holding nothing back, we start to get a sense of what it means to truly belonging.  It feels like coming home.

Of course, this type of practice isn’t for everybody.  Women seem to either love it, or it’s just not for them.  In the past, this used to really bother me.  I wanted everyone to get what it was I was trying to do.  I was invested in trying to make sure everyone liked it.  I think truthfully, I wanted to make sure they liked me.

I would sometimes try to water down what I was offering thinking that might somehow make it more appealing to more women. Yet, the longer I do this work the more I see what a disservice that is to myself and to my students. The very things that make this practice so meaningful to the ones who love it, are the very things that others might be turned off by.

This is the risk we all sometimes have to take in order to be true to ourselves.  We have to learn to trust the energy that which lives through us.  

No matter what we do, the world will benefit the most, from us showing up in the fullest, most authentic way we can.


Kirsten Warner