Just the Beginning

You know those times in life where EVERYTHING seems to fall perfectly into place and you have no doubt that you are EXACTLY where you are meant to be, doing exactly what you are meant to do? I am having that experience now as I return home from one of the most powerful weeks of my life.

Surrounded by the majestic beauty of the California redwoods, I was blessed to study with the utterly brilliant Chameli Ardagh (the founder of Awakening Women Institute), who is absolutely one of the most incredible, open and real women I have ever met. She is passionately bringing together communities of conscious, feeling, awakening women all over the world. Along with 19 other women I laughed, cried, caressed, roared, tickled and prayed my way to a deeper understanding of the divine feminine.

I am returning to Boulder with a full heart, a clarity of purpose and a profound desire to share the magic of what has been revealed to me with the women here. I feel as if I am being pulled into current so strong and vast that I vacillate between moments of sheer terror and feelings of utter exhilaration. Seeds that were planted years ago are now effortlessly coming into fruition. Doors that I thought had been long closed are reopening wider than I ever dreamed possible. For the first time since my kids were small, I have a vividly clear sense of vision and purpose. Simultaneously I am pulsing with sweet songs of gratitude and a wild roar crying, “It’s about freaking time!”

I finally feel ready to take bigger risks and offer more of the women’s work that I believe in so fully. In the women's temple we met each other in the place beyond stories, personality, differences and drama. It was like being washed in sweet grace over and over and over again. Mask free and raw we encouraged and welcomed one another to awaken past our limiting beliefs and old habits of closure. Every day I felt my fears dissolve a little more. This is what I want to help bring into our community. This is what I want more of in my own life.

The most typical form of women’s circles is that we all sit around and listen to each other talk about our lives. While it often feels good to be heard, we can sometimes leave group feeling a little depleted, overwhelmed and like nothing has really shifted. In a temple group we show up to practice consciously. We spend much more time in the place beyond words. We dance, we sing, we touch and truly hold one another. I felt so completely filled up and inspired from this experience that I knew I would face the rest of my life from a totally different place.

So now I return home, still riding roaring waves of energy and limitless grace. I am literally overflowing with a fierce passion unlike any I have ever known and THIS is just the beginning.


Kirsten Warner