Is your Bad Mood just a Bad Habit?

After spending many years of my life struggling with certain challenges and spending a lot of time down in the dumps, sometimes I wonder if I haven't forgotten that it's okay to be happy.

I have noticed that it's become my default to say I am tired and I feel overwhelmed. I hear myself saying these things even on days that I actually am doing pretty good. Feeling this way has become a habit. It’s a rut of negativity where I have been trapped.

As we evolve more psychologically and spiritually, it is inevitable that at some point we will outgrow our old stories and limiting beliefs. There often comes a time when how he used to be in the world just doesn't work anymore. While we might know this intellectually, often we find ourselves doing the same things we have always done because its familiar.

The remedy for this is presence. 

The more we can live consciously, and in the moment, the less likely it is that our habits will run the show.  The thing about habits is that they are very unconscious.  If we want to break them break free of them we have to shine the light of our awareness on them over and over and over again.  

If we want to let go of old patterns, we have to create new pathways. In the same way that when water flows down the side of the mountain, the grooves will continue to deepen where the water flows unless acted upon by an outside force.  In order to redirect where our attention is going and where our energy is flowing, we need to do a little redirecting.

 The next time you find yourself in a bad mood, first find out if that's what's actually true. If you sense you might just be on autopilot then it’s an opportunity to make a different choice. Try taking a deep breath, shift where you are putting your attention and change your attitude. Happiness can be a choice. Moment by moment, breath by breath, we can choose how we respond to life’s every unfolding.


Kirsten Warner