Everyday Sweetness

Almost every morning for the last few months I've gotten up early and gone for long walks. Thirsty for inspiration, I would eagerly put on my headphones and listen to hour after hour of talks by a spiritual teachers, business coaches, successful entrepreneurs and women who seemed to have found freedom from the life struggles that many of us face. I felt an insatiable hunger for their words of wisdom. I just kept drinking it in and wanting more. Then today for some reason I finally felt like I couldn't listen anymore. I took off the headphones and simply let myself open up fully to what was right in front of me.

Immediately my senses became saturated with the beauty that was literally pulsing all around me. The smell of the warm wet earth after last nights rain, the songs of the chickadees and redwinged blackbirds as they chased each other high in the trees, the perfect temperature of the air as the wind kissed every curve of my skin, and the way the soft morning light made everything around me glow. Even the moon, still perched low on the horizon beckoned me to remember some long-forgotten secret that I seemed to have unknowingly locked away. As I breathed in the simple and extraordinary beauty of this new day, I started to weep. I wept for all the unconscious ways that I habitually push away feeling. I wept for the hollow and ever present longing in my heart. I wept for all the ways that I continually forget. And I wept with gratitude for the unbearable sweetness of remembering.

Kirsten Warner