Just had the sweetest exchange with the lab tech at Kaiser while getting blood drawn. Somehow we got started talking about yoga and she excitedly bombarded me with questions. She said she'd always wanted to try it but had been too afraid. Then she shyly confessed that she just gave up smoking and feels really ready for a fresh start in her life. She looked so bright eyed and hopeful as we talked about the benefits of yoga and how life affirming it is. I encouraged her to at least give it a try. As soon as she finished taping up my arm, she eagerly ran to get a post it note and had me write down the name of the studio where I teach. 

When I stood up to say goodbye she thanked me profusely and I could tell she was fighting back tears. Of course that got me all choked up and before I knew it we were crying and laughing and hugging like old friends even though we had just met not even five minutes before. I walked out of the building full of heart aching gratitude for all of the ordinary moments made extraordinary and the life changing potential of every connection we make.

Kirsten Warner