About Devi Yoga for Women

Devi (देवी) is the Sanskrit word for Goddess.  It also means the shining one.

At Devi Yoga for Women, we recognize and celebrate the innate radiance, beauty and divinity  in EVERY woman. It is our mission to nourish the feminine spirit, create community and welcome   ALL facets of the miraculous, complex experience of being a woman in contemporary society.  

Blending traditional yoga practices (asana, meditation, pranayama, mantra, mudra, etc) psychological explorations, relational practices, and many other tools...

Devi Yoga gives us endless opportunities to awaken our innate feminine power. 

We absolutely believe in tradition and recognize the value in being connected to a lineage and doing things the way that yoginis before us have done for hundreds, if not thousands of years. We also believe that its important to take that same ancient yogic wisdom and make it relevant to our modern day lives. Our intention is to integrate and embody the ancient practices in a way that makes sense in the world we live in now. Yoga is what happens in the present moment, in each of our bodies, hearts and minds as we are, today.

For some of us, yoga might be part of our path to awakening or enlightenment. For others, it's simply about learning practical skills to live life with more balance, joy, gratitude, freedom and ease.


There is no right way to do this.  Feminine Spirituality is all about Presence. Authenticity. Love.

We are not from the school of thought that says that this world is problematic and we need to purify ourselves and eventually transcend it. Instead, we believe that  all of life is divine. That every moment and every breath is another opportunity to open up to infinite grace whether you're practicing asana, changing a diaper, doing the dishes, meditating or working on spreadsheets. 

Yoga helps us to find the beauty in all of it.

Feminine Spirituality can be a creative, playful exploration into what it is to be a woman in every form--from the coy and vivacious, to the rageful and relentless, to the kind and demure. We welcome the myriad of these aspects that reside within all of us in varying doses.  The capacity to encompass the full spectrum of human experience is one of the infinite gifts of being a woman.  It can also be our doorway to the infinite. 

By committing to this practice, you commit to deepening your relationship with divine self, to healing, and to embodying grace and ease as you move throughout your life.


YL womens yoga.jpg

Community is an integral part of Devi Yoga.

Stepping onto this path, you will be welcomed into a kula, a spiritual tribe of amazing women who will support, guide and hold space for you as you realize your highest potential.  We are here to teach, reflect and nurture each other as we heal and transform.

Our deepest hope is that as we each become more open and full and connected and free, we will come into alignment with our dharma, our life purpose. Once we are on track with what we are here to do and why we are here to do it, we can actually serve the world in the ways that it's needed most. Whether the role you are here to play is a stay at home mom or a world leader, stepping into it fully is the most important thing you can do. 

Devi Yoga is not just about making our own lives better, its about letting go of the things that hold us back to make a real difference in the world.

Welcome to the Devi Kula!


This work makes living your divine feminine REAL. You will uncover and release your blocks so you
can shine your light more radiantly, more powerfully and more authentically. Explore the various energies and powers
of the divine feminine in your own body and in deep community and communion with other women.

Sandra, Colorado