Devi Yoga for Women 

 Empowerment. Transformational Leadership. Sacred Journeys. Embodied Awakening. Love.

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Devi (देवी) is the Sanskrit word for Goddess...

At Devi Yoga for Women, we recognize and celebrate the innate radiance, beauty and divinity in EVERY woman. It is our intention to nourish the feminine spirit, create community and welcome ALL facets of the miraculous, complex experience of being women in todays world.

We lead Yoga Teacher Trainings, Workshops & Retreats to support you in becoming even more of the dancing, laughing, breathing, praying, living contribution to awakening consciousness on the planet that you were born to be. 

Are you ready to take the next steps on your journey?

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
Florida ~ February 2019

Dive deep into the world of mamas and babies and learn the skills to artfully teach yoga to pregnant women. Grow exponentially as a woman and as a teacher.

North & South India Sacred Journeys
October 2019

These Women's Journeys will take us to some of the most sacred and beautiful places in India.  Say YES to India's transformational magic and the experience of a lifetime!                                              

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Colorado ~ January to June 2019

This training will give you the practical skills you need to deepen your commitment  to yoga, refine your teaching and create the space for a radical transformation of your inner landscape.



Hi, I'm Kirsten...

A busy mom and lifelong yogini who is passionate about transformation, community and living in service to the divine.

I absolutely love working with anyone who also feel a deep pull towards truth and awakening.  

Recognizing and honoring the unique differences between men and women, I created Devi Yoga specifically to support women in ways that will be the most relevant and useful for them in todays world.

Isn't it time we stop trying to be something we are not? To celebrate the fullness of who we are?  To show up authentically... however messy or magnificent that may be?

While I may take the seat of the teacher now and then, you will never hear me claim to be perfect. I have more than my share of struggles and fears. 

I know what it’s like to get pulled into riptides of doubt and confusion and painful forgetting.  

And I also know the sheer bliss that comes from living a life on purpose, in love and in intimate connection to grace.  

I certainly don’t have all the answers, but I have learned a few things over the years and I may have some insights that could be useful to you on your path. 

Feel free to pick my brain, laugh or cry on my shoulder, share your insights and walk this path with me as my soul sister and friend.

Can't wait to see where life takes us next! 

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Yoga Teacher Trainings


Whether you are new to teaching

or are simply hoping to refine your skills,

Devi Yoga Trainings offer rich experiences

of information, reflection and a deep immersion

into the magic of women's circles.  


Kirsten's understanding of the path of feminine awakening is deeply woven into her yoga practice. She holds a space that allows women to drop

into a deeper sense of their embodiment, and welcomes feelings that arise from the practice. 

She lovingly supports women to stay at the edge between tension and surrender. 

In my experience this is the difference between an ordinary yoga class and a practice which supports feminine awakening. 

Natalie, Somerset, UK


India Sacred Journey

& Women's Yoga Retreat

Say YES to India's transformational magic and the experience of a lifetime!


Kirsten's teaching and leadership are overflowing with love, wisdom and generosity.

She is a rare gem in the world of yoga, weaving her physical and technical expertise with a profound devotion

to the heart of the spiritual teachings. She lives and breathes personal transformation on a daily basis

and shares the fruits of her practice with all those around her. If you ever have the chance to learn from Kirsten,

I highly recommend you jump at the opportunity.  Her dedication to women, yoga and awakening are a precious gift

and I could not be more fortunate to have her in my community as an inspirational teacher and leader.

Emma Teitel, Colorado

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Kirsten is a pillar in our Women's Community. She brings her deep reverence for the Sacred Feminine,

and holds the space with grace, humor, and the wisdom drawn from her own decades of experience

as a devotee on the path.  Kirsten channels the ancient teachings of Yoga and the Devi ~

making them real for us, as modern women NOW. She has a unique ability to show up in leadership

with tremendous humbleness and approachability ~ yet her authority is undeniable.

It is such a gift to have the opportunity to practice with Kirsten's guidance, 

where I have contacted a lost part of myself ~ unleashed joy.

Marianah Bacal, Boulder, Co

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